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In fact, it is now well established that there are large quantities of excess K and not yet outgassed.

And there are mantle–crust domains between, and within which, argon circulates during global tectonic processes, magma genesis, and mixing of crustal materials.

It allows us to establish a model for estimating volcanic hazards in the Phlegrean Fields.

Nearly all vents active within the last 10 ka lie on a gentle arc which extends 25 km north-northeast from the Rangataua vent on the southern slopes of Ruapehu through Ruapehu summit and north flank vents, Tama Lakes, Ngauruhoe, Red Crater, Blue Lake, and Te Mari craters.

None of the young vents lie on the mapped faults, which mostly downthrow toward the axis of the graben.

Les datations des dépôts subaériens correspondant aux niveaux pyroclastiques identifiés dans des carottages effectués en Mer Tyrrhénienne contribuent à la calibration, dans les derniers 60.000 a, des courbes de variations des isotopes de l'oxygène enregistrées dans les sédiments marins.

Ngauruhoe in the Taupo Volcanic Zone, produced andesite flows in 19 and avalanche deposits in 1975.

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