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He was also looking to impress his Commanders, and thought that conquering Britain would be a way of earning respect.

Caesar was unsuccessful in his attempt as most of his troops were lost in the crossing of the English Channel.

1107Robert Fitz Hamon was killed fighting in Normandy and his Daughter, Mabel, married Robert the Consul.Hugh Despenser had married Eleanor whose brother Gilbert de Clare - son of 'the Red Earl' - had been killed at the battle of Bannockburn in Scotland in 1314.1331About this year, the Town Hall was built in High Street for the administration of the borough and it was also used as Cardiff's first market hall.It continued in use for some 400 years and included a court room with a gaol beneath it and about this time the leper hospital of St Mary Magdalen was founded outside the town's East Gate.1404Owain Glyndŵr's troops attacked Cardiff again, capturing the castle and inflicted great damage on the town.Further attacks later in the year and in 54 BC ⁄ BCE were also fruitless.43 AD ⁄ CEThe Roman general, Didius Gallus, was amongst the invasion force that finally managed to overcome the Welsh tribes in South Wales.

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