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I have a feeling we’d have a lot to talk about…” Example 2: “Hi Sara, To be honest, I can’t quite put my finger on what it is about you that I find so interesting.

There’s a certain charisma you have that makes me want to see more.

In addition to all the regular dating stuff, Social also asks about your personal sexual preferences—right down to your favorite positions.

They really go all out to make sure they hook you up with the girl that wants to do exactly what you want to do. Everything is coded and arranged really well, and activation was really easy on Social

Even though this data isn’t recorded in our table, we can reveal that four of those girls turned into long-term fuck buddies on a bi-weekly basis (check out our guide to turning a one night stand into a recurring fuck buddy).

Social seems to put a lot of emphasis on the “social” part.

We found through trial and error that our profiles showed up faster and we got more responses if we logged on more often, which is important to know.

These are some of the messages we sent to women on Social that got the best responses.

Each of the emails we’re publishing here lead to a date, and two of them lead to a full close.

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