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Adam draws on 23 years of corporate work experience, 20 years of marriage and 16 years of parenthood to craft shows that strike just the right tone.

He has a well-honed instinct for what's appropriate – while still hilarious – in a...

The topics are mostly personal, romantic, parental, social, cultural and moderately political. Chad uses his experiences in Los Angeles as a professional actor and adapts his techniques for working America. Jason Douglas - A touring comedian for over 15 years.

My material is universal and I can customize jokes for any event!

I've performed for every kind of group you can...

If you're looking for an absolutely unique way to bring a group of people together with clean wholesome laughter and fun, and to inspire them to excellence as individuals or as a group, Rick Lewis is exactly what you need.

Here is what the CEO of the Denny's Restaurant chain said about Rick after his...

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