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Yet why should we demand that Hillary decontextualize herself to represent women’s interests, when we, as intersectional feminists, place great emphasis on the multiple facets of our own identities?

As First Lady, and again as Democratic presidential nominee, she was blamed for her husband’s affairs and infidelities.

It displayed a majoritarian callousness to the calls for equal dignity by marginalized groups – by racial and ethnic minorities, the transgender community, immigrants, religious minorities, the gay and lesbian community, the disabled community, and women – as well as the host of other groups who were insulted and alienated by the Trump campaign’s rhetoric and policy proposals.

While Trump’s upsetting electoral victory is appalling for a number of reasons, I decided to hone in from the perspective of the women’s movement.

Little girls have unrealistic standards of beauty ideals, and develop eating disorders and skewed body images as a result.

When we dismiss Trump's gloating admissions of sexual assaults and grabbing women by the pussy as "locker room talk," we internalize the power structure that normalizes the eternal shackles of the patriarchy—degrading women, devaluing them as inherently inferior, and casually dismissing the violence we do unto their bodies as individuals and as a society.

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