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Later, she discovers her new next-door neighbor is Shūsei!

After she makes him a meal and later fends off some stalker girls, she starts to cook but then the stove catches on fire and sets off the apartment sprinklers. He starts casually hanging out at home and visiting Aoi at school.

During Wataru's welcome party, Aoi unintentionally ingests alcohol and wants Shūsei to do whatever he wants with her, but Shūsei takes offense.

Later, she ends up in the men’s baths with Wataru, who tells Shūsei that if he is the cause of her sadness, he will take Aoi for himself.

Aoi tries to divert the girls who are interested in Shūsei, the guys who are interested in her, and family members who reveal hints about Shūsei's past.

The two eventually come to fall in love with one another.

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Aoi and Shūsei plan to go to the fireworks festival, but Aoi receives a visit from her brother Kento, and they all go together. But when Kouta asks about their living situation, Shusei’s response makes Kouta turn cold on him. Although she tries to hide her cohabitation situation, Shūsei does the opposite and tells him.

Wataru tries to comfort Aoi and promises to keep the cohabitation a secret, however he begins to show interest in Aoi.

A drama CD was bundled with the release of volume 8 of the manga.

High school student Aoi Nishimori scolds the school prince Shūsei Kugayama for rudely turning down her friend Moe’s confession.

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