Romantic dating ru

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Obviously, it‘s not a simple answer, because it‘s not a simple subject.But there are a few simple thoughts I have about dating that might be beneficial to keep in mind.Those butterflies in our stomach are our blood rushing and hormones getting amped up. Is it just because we find the person physically attractive? The truth is that romantic love is just as much a spiritual response as it is a physical one.When we find that we are “in love with” someone, part of it is because our soul wants to have a special relationship with that person.When this happens, we say that we “have a crush” on this person, or we “like” this person, or we’re “in love with” this person. Even if a person is very attractive, are we just as inclined to want to be in a relationship with them if that person is mean and acts like a jerk?

Dating gives us a right to learn more about ourselves, about guys and girls, about people.

God wants to have a special relationship with each of us, and we, too, since we’ve been created in His image and likeness, feel this as well- someone’s heart connecting with ours.

Physical attraction is healthy, since God has given us these feelings as well.

It gives us a right to enjoy life from a new perspective.

However, like any relationship, there are ways that we can take advantage of and even abuse these rights.

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