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Flying this is the easiest heli I have ever used, the gyro makes it so stable in flight that it stops exactly where you point it and unlike other heli's the rotation trim is controlled with a nice easy knob in the centre rather than having to push button whilst you are trying to fly, a much better design.the forward backward trim is easily adjusted with two should mount buttons that are so easy to use in flight.Suitable for indoor flying only, it makes the ideal boys' or executive toy for both the living room and office!With a flight range of 15 feet (6 metres), it features 3 channel directional control which means it can be flown left, right, forward and backwards.I have hit the ceiling with it many times, hit the walls hit the furniture and even hit myself a couple of times (I think they call that pilot error Lol!) and the blades are just starting to show a few marks on them.Package Includes: 1 * remote control aircraft 1 * remote controller 1 * USB charger This was my 3rd heli purchase, Ive previously bought the superb Syma Cobra 108g, and the sturdy S107g, theres plenty of talk on internet forums of problems with the s026g, but I have to say after a dozen or so flights this is the most fun out the three.

A link to the resolutions taken by the registrars of deeds at their 2002 conference held on the 25 and 26 November last year.Timed flights are averaging just over seven minutes on a continuous flight, but you get more time if you are playing landing take/off (or just crashing).The heli is nicely made, the blades seem quite durable not brittle, and are cheap and easy to replace.Features Full function 3 channel radio control (Left /Right, Forward/Backward, Hover, and Lands) with trimming Military green real life helicopter styling 3 channel digital proportional control Flight Gyro stabilizing system Super lightweight airframe Up to 6m (15 ft) radius control range Requires 6 x AA batteries for controller (not included) Technical Specification Size: 26.5 cm x 37cm x 10.5cm Charge time: 30 minutes Flying time: 6-8 minutes Height range: 5-6 metres Flight range: 5-6 metres What's in the Box?Syma Micro Chinook Remote Control Helicopter (fully assembled) 3 Channel Radio Remote Controller Instruction Manual Please note that Channel refers to the flight direction of the aircraft and not the infra red band.

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