Ploy dome dating

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Run by a young Italian couple (the bed linens are from Italy, too), the thatched bungalows have floors of tropical afrormosia wood and bathrooms with bidets. Wastewater is treated in a phyto-purification system; hotel profits fund local education initiatives; and the resort launched the first recycling program in the 325,000-acre Mafia Island Marine Park, a protected coral reserve. Smack dab in the center of Helsinki, the new-millennium Simonkenttä is a gleaming example of what a big urban hotel can do for the environment.

We have been in Panama only a few days, but already we're wise to the promise and peril a little jungle bling can bring.

Tom Worrell's textured adobe-style villas are made of Gunnash, the ash from coal mines.

Exotic fruits and organic herbs, grown in the hotel's "biolarium," show up (along with yak meat) on the spa menus conceived by Johnny Vinczencz, one of Florida's top young chefs.

There are no phones (or any other electrical devices), but ordering a morning snackis as easy as raising a red flag from inside the room.

In Swahili, the name means "slowly, slowly," as if anyone needed a reminder of how to swing a hammock in this sumptuous hideaway on the Indian Ocean.

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