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Consumers use personalized 3D avatars to interact with each other."We are excited to be able to offer this feature to our members," states Kevin Greene, CEO of Another Friend."Virtual dates help users really get to know each other and weed out people who are not a good match with minimum emotional and physical investment upfront." Initial reports from users indicate that virtual dating creates more intimacy and lets users interact in meaningful ways that characterize real dates.

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Companies that connect all their customer service channels have much to gain.The company was founded by husband and wife team, Igor Kotlyar, Ph. Omni Date installs its application in dating sites in the US, the UK, and Canada, and operates a test site at About Another Friend Another is the No.1 Online Dating site in Ireland, with over 200,000 registered members.Features include Photos, Winks, real-time one-on-one chats, E-mail, Dateability index, Singles events, and now virtual dating. Developing omni-channel customer strategies with integrated channels and consistent branding for seamless customer journeys 10.15 The Experience Triad— DX= AX BX CX Abstract – Learn what it takes to deliver delightful DX (digital experience) through improved AX (agent experience), BX (business experience) and CX (customer experience) Lee Phillips Strategic Partner Director, EMEAR & APJ 10.35 Refreshment Break With Informal Facilitated Networking 11.05 Strengthening The Ties Between Customer & Employee; How Can Organisations Engage Their Employees To Drive Improvements In Customer Service?Visionary dating sites, like Another Friend, that provide their members with the best communication tools available will experience exceptional growth, other sites will be seen as second rate.

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