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I have been searching for a support network with people who have actually been through the same thing as me for a while, and its actually what I think would speed up my recovery.

It helps to know that others have been through the same thing and you can learn a lot from the steps that other people in the same situation have taken in their treatment and management of the experience.

We use it to check train times, the price of plane tickets, the weather forecast, the availability of books, as a place to leave messages for our children, to make contact with people, to announce family news, to exchange photos and music, to apply for jobs, to chat with friends and with strangers, to research, to learn and to teach.

The Internet has become, for many of us, not only our primary source of information, but has extended and changed the scale of our social networks and the pace and intensity with which we interact with people: it has changed our identities (Mitchell, 2003).

I would also suggest sharing your ideas by filling in Support ticket here when you think of something, since ideas and suggestions get easily lost here on forum and are less visible and accessible by people who are in charge of making changes.

I'm not to sure about this, Whilst I agree it would be a good idea for people to speak about their experience, i feel this is what Share your story is for, I also know Rape and sexual assault is one of the biggest triggers on here and I feel creating a room will cause more drama than good, Members will get into compeition with each other, a lot of listeners or memebers will be triggered and I feel there would always have to be a moderator in the room,to keep things on track, having a moderator in a room 24/7 is very difficult as it is.

In my opinion, I think people talking 1 on1 with a listener would be more beneficial in the long run.

Many people are not comfortable talking about it, and although share your story can be beneficial when other rape victims are in the chat room or people who are not judgmental and understand that sexual assault is wrong in all shapes or forms.In some cases they will use blocks and filters but these are never fully effective and they know that they need to find other ways of guiding children to safe use.Censorship does not work in cyberspace (or works in only partial and transitory ways) and what is generally agreed is needed is education in ‘responsible use.’ This includes developing educational strategies that take account of the appeal and attraction of the Internet and supports young people in reflecting on their own practice as Internet users and the consequences of their Internet interactions on others. Generally speaking we found that the fears that young people had about the safety of the Internet differed from those of adults.I can see where it seems like a room devoted to assault survivors would seem like a good idea.As owl had said, it would probably trigger alot of people.

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