Naija sex hookups

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With the Internet you have more access to sexy, voluptuous and freaky girls than you would in real life. Instead of playing cards, guzzling beer with your loser-alike friends or making love to a sexy blow-up doll.

Do you know that most of the hook up guides around are just dating guides glorified?

The latest was a Premium account, where he asked his followers of over 179, 000 to pay N20, 000 to be added to the account, and then they get a month access to his website where they’d get to watch his series of porn videos and have cybersex with his ladies.

Going through his Instagram page that practically looks like a porn site, he brazenly parades different ladies in compromising postures and invite people to hook up with these ladies for e-sex for a fee and you will be surprised the number of likes, comments and direct messages he gets from his followers asking how they could be part of it and how to make their payments.

Some business minded individuals have created such sites for people living in different parts of the world Nigeria inclusive, where they meet the opposite sex for dating and hookups.

A closer look at the Nigeria cyber space, it was discovered that there’s a continuous increase in online dating sites and they advertise their websites mostly through popular social media platforms frequently used by young Nigerians such as Snapchat, Badoo, Facebook and Instagram.

As much as the benefits have been of immense help to all, it has also fuelled a surge in its abuse as a lot of people now use it for unholy activities.

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You need to get your game up and make that chic pick you instead of the other guys.

But once you start viewing the site or make contacts with any of the ladies that come online for a chat, you will be asked to pay a certain fee for services rendered.’’ When asked if he had ever paid for such services, he declined to give a straight answer.

Sunday Telegraph also discovered that a number of young girls are now making huge money from these connections as they join these sites through various social media platforms especially, Snapchat, Badoo and Instagram.

Some of these popular dating sites go by funny names, which announce their kind of business.

A quick look at these websites, you will discover that quite a lot of them are into cyber chat, cybersex and even real sex through physical hookups.

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