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This anecdote finds its way into almost every profile of Theron, and Theron herself has regularly described it as “Lana Turner-esque,” referencing the classic Hollywood star who, according to popular lore, was “discovered” at Schwab’s Soda Fountain in Los Angeles in 1937.The tantrum, the beauty, and the comparisons to Turner — best known for her ice-cold platinum look and secretly sordid private life — provided the star mold for Theron’s early image.First, you keep conducting your career as a man would — or, more precisely, you redefine what a woman’s career might look like.And then you lobby for, demand, or create the very roles that Hollywood wouldn’t otherwise.

The rural cool girl had become a vamp: a long-standing Hollywood stereotype that expands to describe darkly sexual women like Angelina Jolie (who, around this time, was wearing a vial of husband Billy Bob Thornton's blood around her neck) and Theron, as the narrative of her childhood was revealed to be much darker than previously suggested.As Theron enters the third decade of her career, she hasn’t just figured out how to game the system. After 2 Days in the Valley, Theron’s agent arranged for her to audition for Showgirls.She was purportedly offered the lead role, later given to Elizabeth Berkley, but turned it down — and fired her agent.Over the course of the next two decades, her image has shifted from cool girl to bitch, and now from bitch to broad.Even with — or despite — her traditional beauty, she’s achieved a position of cultural and industrial power akin to Bette Davis and Katharine Hepburn, who, like Theron, prided themselves on ignoring the unspoken rules of proper (female) star behavior.

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