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Utah - SB 297Exempts state officials from having to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. "Love lead and fury") is an Italian-Spanish 1978 Western film directed by Monte Hellman, starring Warren Oates, Jenny Agutter, and Fabio Testi.Matt and his remaining three brothers set about burying Virgil, but, vowing to finish the burying when they return, Matt insists they leave immediately, eager to get after Clayton and Catherine.Virgil's grieving widow Barbara is left behind weeping at her husband's grave.Clayton goes into the railroad office and returns the money he had been paid to kill Matt, reporting that Matt is dead "but I didn't kill him." Enter a grizzled old dime-store-novelist-of-the-west (Peckinpah), who offers Catherine money to tell him her story which he promises to write up and publish, making her rich by feeding the rabid interest in the largely fictional exploits of gunfighters back east.In his pitch he points our how short-lived are gunfighters and suggests she would be wise to feather her nest which he asserts will soon be missing a mate.North Carolina - SB 2Exempts state officials from having to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples; HB 2, which was amended Thursday, requires individuals to use the bathrooms corresponding to the sex listed on their birth certificates.6.

Matthew is married to the beautiful Catherine (Agutter), who greatly complicates matters by falling in love with Clayton.Arkansas - SB 975Allows someone to sue over a nondiscrimination law that burdens his religious beliefs; SB 202 bars local laws from creating protected classes.2.Florida - HB 43/SB 110Allows clergy and churches to refuse to perform marriages for same-sex couples.3.When Catherine inquires about what happened to the husband of the first, Clayton forebodingly says that he shot him after the husband had shot and killed his wife.In the morning at breakfast one of Matthew's brothers, Virgil, coincidentally appears and, after ordering his own breakfast and recognizing Catherine and Clayton from having been at Matthew's a day earlier for a family party, inquires, "Where's Matt?

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