James lafferty dating joy lenz

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In 2003, television viewers met Nathan Scott, a cute but cocky, athletic but academically-challenged high school junior. I guess now that means I am working on my master’s degree or maybe my Ph. I think we’re going to go down as one of those great teen dramas that hopefully a generation identified with. That people look back on the show and say “That was a sign of the times.” TDW: What message would you want to give to the fans? I would like to leave the fans with a happy ending.In the nearly seven real-time years that have passed, we’ve slowly seen Nathan transform into a handsome but humble, career-minded but family-focused husband and father. James Lafferty, who spoke with me earlier this week about the past, present and future of One Tree Hill, hopes we’ll be able to find out. I think we go to the movies, we watch our TVs so we can be told stories and I would love for our story to be one that ends positively.

Not sure how it will go over but please check it out. She loved doing that."I love you too."Joy shifted on his lap trying to get more comfortable and James kissed her neck lovingly."You smell so good." He whispered. In our first few episodes, the characters were worlds apart. But sort of against all odds, they continued to make it work over the years and they fought through adversity. I think they root for Jamie [Jackson Brundage], too. TDW: When you look back on the all the stories you’ve done in 150 episodes, what stands out to you? We went to Charlotte to shoot that and we actually went and shot half-time at a game. It was just this surreal moment when I literally felt like I had won the lottery. For me, it’s always been a dream to take the court at an NBA game and even though it didn’t “really” happen, just even shooting that and being in front of that many people, having that moment happen for the character, was just really awesome. Lafferty: I get to ask you one hard question and you get to ask me 20 easy ones. Lafferty: I think, to start with, the likelihood of the situation, of Nathan and Haley coming together, was so small. The fact that we have seven complete seasons–we never had a season that just went for 13; we’ve had seven very complete seasons–it kind of blows my mind to think about it. There’s just like these “moments.” When we shot the state championship episode [Episode 4.09, Some You Give Away], that was huge. Then another one is sort of a basketball one as well, when Nathan took the court at the Bobcats arena [Episode 6.24, Remember Me As A Time Of Day] for the NBA.Can’t even begin to imagine how amazing it was for him to shoot the NBA scene for the Bobcast game ! When you ask him about the legacy – tears started to come out – I want them to get the happy ending.I can’t wait for the new episodes – really want to see the entire core 3 together. aww, he seems so nice/genuine/sweet 🙂 i loved him as nathan….yea, about the legacy, i agree…a younger OTH viewer and even tho I wasnt there from the beginning, i caught up, and for some reason i felt nostalgia…i still do, its why i really love the earlier episodes.

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