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His last reported relationship was Katy Perry and their on-again-off-again fling.

Mayer has been seen with a bevy of beauties from Hollywood and the music world, and we have the details right here.

John Mayer has been called many things including a Casanova, cad, heart-breaker, dork, and Lothario.

While he may or may not deserve these epithets, there is no doubt that Mayer has a way with the ladies.

She was a waitress turned actress who was noticed by Mayer, and before long, they were together.

Unfortunately for both of them, Shay was an energetic and talkative girl.

Mayer talked about their relationship on a talk show, saying it was a very private relationship that he couldn’t talk about. However, Perry is now with Orlando Bloom, and things seem to be going well between them. This is not the end of Mayer’s dating time line by any standards.She spoke about their relationship to the tabloids, much to Mayer’s dismay.Shay said, “I love his personality…he’s funny…He can be, like, a dork.” Mayer was apparently not pleased, and it is reported that after that interview he stopped talking to Shay. In 2009 rumors of Mayer dating upcoming country music star Taylor Swift began circulating. At the time, Mayer was 32 and Swift was still in her teens.John Mayer told Playboy that their physical romance was red-hot and Simpson was “sexual napalm.” Mayer also compared Simpson to “crack cocaine.” The Internet was abuzz when it was reported that John Mayer and actress Jennifer Aniston were an item.Mayer flew to Miami to spend time with Aniston while she was filming Marley & Me.

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