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In Masterclasses, these harpsichords are often partnered with two exceptional Steinway pianos.

The William Dowd Harpsichord Opus 241, 1972 William Dowd built Opus 241 in 1972 under commission to John Lewis of the Modern Jazz Quartet.

Almost every Chinese person has eaten scrambled eggs with tomatoes, and the traditional dish has now become synonymous with the team's uniform. The opening ceremony should be one of the best occasions to display China's soft power and creative fashions, but dressed in the uniform our sportsmen look like cheap restaurant waiters and waitresses," wrote Chen Cheng, a netizen from Beijing.

Yin Zhengsheng, a professor of art and design at Tongji University in Shanghai, said the uniforms worn at international events such as the Olympics represent a nation's image.

"I suffered a human flesh search (concerted attacks on social media) and strangers have phoned me at 6 am, calling me the 'sinner of the nation'," he said. "Numerous people tried so hard to become volunteers at the Olympics, but failed.

I am so lucky and honored to have been part of the Chinese team's preparations," the 42-year-old said.

Don’t get me wrong, they are wonderful (there’s a reason we keep each other around, after all, right? They possess many, if not all, of what I’m looking for in a match.

On occasion, performances are paired with other arts, including Baroque dance, poetry readings, and art showings. She has run a private piano studio in Washington DC since 1996, sharing her passion for the instrument with students of all ages.

"By combining more than 1,000 designs that Hengyuanxiang collected globally, I designed eight different styles, and the red-and-yellow version was finally chosen," Ye said.

To his surprise, he has been taunted, slandered and even threatened.

Carolyn, after a long career at the World Bank in international development, now devotes her energies to her music interests.

She is a committed pianist and student of the harpsichord.

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