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Pandora, it's worth noting, never streams at more than 64Kbps on mobile devices, even if you're a Pandora One subscriber.

One other option: if your music service allows it (and most do nowadays), download your tunes (via Wi-Fi, of course) for offline listening.

Here are five of the biggest data hogs you want to avoid (or at least reduce) when there's no Wi-Fi available: Just can't wait to share that epic video of your friend wiping out on his skateboard? Upload at your own risk: Depending on settings and various other factors, each minute of HD video you shot can be as large as 200MB. Though the rate of consumption varies depending on the app you use and resolution of your chat, a Jetsons-style phone call can cost you up to 3MB per minute.

So if you upload just five 1-minute videos per month, that would eat a full gigabyte of your data allotment. Don't worry, Trivia Crack addicts, turn-based games like this and Words With Friends aren't heavy data-users.

Likewise, a smattering of You Tube apps let you save videos right to your phone so you can rewatch them later -- no connection required.

Exceed your data allowance each month and you’ll be charged extra - unless you have unlimited broadband.

That's according to Netflix, which estimates 3GB per hour for HD video.

Of course, those numbers can and will vary across different services (Hulu, Google Play, i Tunes, You Tube, etc.), but there's no question that video does the most damage to your data plan.

[Read more: What is 4G] Most companies enable you to check your data usage by looking at your account details online, or by calling their customer service number.

BT Broadband customers can log on to com/mybt to view data use and check how much is remaining. Click the Broadband tab and View your broadband usage.

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