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I don't agree with dying but I could pass the one legged one up. I hope to be able to breed them if the are the opposite sex.

Obviously, the pink/orange one was dyed, and obviously, they were dyed.

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The Bombay night frog favours a mating position previously unknown among the amphibian group's 7,000 species, only the seventh catalogued in what might be called the Kama Sutra for frogs.Against the wall Shadow cocked his head to one side quizzically."Is that so? He looked back at her, his violet eyes locking with her brown ones."Continue." He said."Right," she said, trying to remember where he'd stopped her. And, since I had married a prince and was therefore now a princess...""That broke my spell," he finished.This is considered to be "the ancestral state," the researchers explain.Something akin, perhaps, to the missionary position.

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