Estj dating istj

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It is just that they are so factual, so direct and tend to focus on the message, rather than the person who is receiving it.They tend to be more action oriented than readers of people and situations and so to get the attention of an ESTJ will require clarity and facts, not trying the subtle approach as the ESTJ may just steamroller on, but believing they are doing the right thing.The ESTJ doesn’t really get emotions or indeed anything they see as irrational and if someone is upset they will have to translate this into practical issues that they can then deal with factually and practically.ESTJs are extremely open and direct but they don’t really truly ‘get’ or understand emotions.Everything is translated into facts and data and presented in a logical way that can leave people feeling processed.The ESTJ is built to get things done, taking charge, helping and making sure that the plan is stuck to.Likewise, they may inappropriately try to comfort their partners using logic instead of love or support.

In addition, they tend to only pursue relationships when it is on their internal list of things to do.The ESTJ is outspoken, a person of principles, which are readily and directly expressed.ESTJs are not afraid to stand up for what they believe is right even in the face of overwhelming odds.On the other hand, if they have not made a commitment, they will view the relationship as a practical, structured involvement.They assume customary gender roles in the relationship.

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