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Bob Mc Keown investigates doctors who faced discipline by provincial colleges of Physicians and Surgeons. January 21, 2016 A psychiatrist charged with multiple counts of sexual assault involving six former female patients in Windsor, Ont., surrendered his medical licence in the U. after allegations of chronic alcohol abuse, the fifth estate has found. He received his medical degree in India and his Canadian licence to practise medicine in 1988. In 2006, Michigan's Department of Community Health launched an official complaint against him, citing allegations of alcohol abuse.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, the medical profession's self-regulating body in the province, never notified the public that Dr. The complaint document obtained by the fifth estate is a terse timeline of the psychiatrist's struggle to stay sober, going back to 1998.

Your manner, your physical position with regards to the patient's (this may not be within your control), and your body language all contribute to the outcome of the consultation. If they have had to wait a long time, a comment addressing this with an apology at the outset is often appreciated; it will give you a much better start and shows respect for their individuality.

Avoid writing whilst the patient is talking to you; if they are saying a lot of relevant things - or there is importance in the temporal order of the narrative - and you need to jot them down, mention it to the patient so that they understand that you are still listening to them - "I'll just make a note of your symptoms as you go along so that I get the order right."Patients vary greatly in how they present.

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Also in this episode, a West Vancouver doctor who was arrested in April 2012 for a threat to "cause death or bodily harm" was allowed to continue to practise after the provincial regulator stated his criminal charges were "unrelated to the practice of medicine.” An arrest warrant was issued for Dr.

Patrick Nesbitt, 58, last week after the general practitioner failed to show up for a criminal trial in Abbotsford related to an incident where he left bullet shells from his .22-calibre rifle on his ex-partner's driveway.

Think about the diagnosis from the outset and, once the patient has had a chance to lay out the main problems, ask directed questions to tease out the likely diagnoses.

In recent years, nurses have shown themselves able to provide a great range of safe care by following protocols.

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