Df not updating solaris

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clzc: (C215301) Command execution failed on node node2.zoneadm: zone 'zc1': These file-systems are mounted on subdirectories of /gpool/zones/zone1/root: zoneadm: zone 'zc1': /gpool/zones/zone1/root/u01 zoneadm: zone 'zc1': call to zoneadmd failed command.The patch can be used to fix this problem on Solaris 2.6, 7 and 8.Please contact VERITAS Technical Support for more information regarding this point patch.Problem Summary: If a Hitachi True Copy device group whose replica pair is in the COPY state, or an EMC SRDF device group whose replica pair is split, attempts to switch the device group over to another node, the switchover fails.Furthermore, the device group is unable to come back online on the original node until the replica pair is been returned to a paired state.

df not updating solaris-89

df not updating solaris-12

df not updating solaris-80

Problem Summary: The cluster check utility may report a violation of check S6708502, indicating that real-time process is not supported for Oracle Solaris Cluster.

This integration has not yet occurred, even though it is described in the Oracle Solaris Cluster Data Service for Oracle Times Ten Guide.

Therefore, do not use the Times Ten active-standby configuration with Oracle Solaris Cluster HA for Times Ten and do not use the Times Ten utility on Oracle Solaris Cluster.

When deleting a large file in the Vx FS file system, the associated file system extents are not always immediately freed.

Under certain circumstances, the maps are not updated right away; even when the transaction is logged, these delayed extent frees are not immediately completed.

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