Dating viet girls

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but they will love you regardless of their original can drive yourself crazy wondering if she loves you for who you are or what you can give her. i remember trying to kiss my ex on her cheek on our 5th date. or maybe i had bad breath 6 - women expect the men to be the drivers.

youre the doctors, lawyers and C celebrities of the western world.

Let’s take a look at some of these reasons why you might do well to date a Vietnamese woman: Vietnamese women tend to believe in keeping stable long-term relationships.

You might find that they are much less likely to cheat on your or walk out on you when things in life get difficult.

when first dating local women i didnt heed the sage advise of my local relatives and went off on my own.

being arrogant and confident i thought i had nothing new to learn considering my advanced age. several posts have inspired me to start this thread to help newbies navigate the world of dating Vietnamese women. ofcourse there are exceptions to every rule so dont take these advice/opinions as canon.

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