Dating sims for ipod touch

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I got the house upgrades when the message popped up but I had to use the kitchen phone to access the option to buy furniture or upgrade house. hi ya, when I was looking for the answers to my problem I found yours, I have the same problem, I seem to be able to do nothing except go to other sims houses, fish and go to work.

This one is the longest in the career as far as being promoted: the others I have completed in one day with my skill levels up the way the needed to be.

You will need a cleaning kit and repair kit - but the first thing I did for 3 sim days was wake up and fish.

My first purchase was a stove, then the house upgrade (which is offered by notice and you can use your telephone in the sim living room to get it for 1000).

I sold my table and chairs ( they will eat standing), the extra cabinet and the tv.

To sell the items in the home hit the select button in the far left corner, then go to building mode.

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