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The videos, and the explicit offer of millions of dollars to the gangs, are in apparent violation of an anti-gang law that the FMLN promoted and helped pass in September 2010, following an attack on a bus by Barrio 18 members in the Mejicanos municipality, near the capital San Salvador.

The anti-gang law, which is still in force, defined gangs as illegal actors, prohibited anyone from supporting or funding them, and established penalties for those who participated or collaborated with them.

This appears to be audio recorded from a separate meeting, but it was impossible to tell if this included the same people who participated in the other meeting.

Still, while the video image from this part of the file appears to be blocked out, the audio is discernible.

In attendance with Lara and Valencia were two leaders of the Barrio 18 gang: one is Carlos Eduardo Burgos Nuila, alias “Nalo,” leader of the Barrio 18 Revolutionaries faction.

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Aristides Valencia was also a congressman before June 2014 and remains the Minister of the Interior.

In addition, on the copy of the Valencia video that was passed to the reporters, the audio and video were not synchronized, so technicians from El Faro synced the original material for a better understanding of the document.

In the final section of the original file, there are also 2 minutes and 45 seconds that did not match the initial encounter between Valencia and the gang members.

)and we have the ability to make things better for the next round, and we don’t have to depend on others, in the sense of waiting for agreements with other people.

Well, with you guys, you don’t have to be with other people to make decisions or strategies that can go forward.

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