Dating phillipino men

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There are many women in senior positions, especially in government departments.

Even when the head of a business or enterprise is a man, it is not uncommon to find that it is a woman who really "runs the show".

But bring 10 individual Filipinos into a bigger crowd, these 10 individuals, who had never met before, are likely to greet each other, become instant friends and form their own mini gang.

A group of Filipino people easily stands out of the crowd with its loud Tagalog dialect and even louder laughter :).

83 % of the Filipino women and 72 % of the Filipino men dream about becoming a famous singer…

well, i just made these statistics up, but the actual numbers are probably not so far away from those fake statistics.

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Authority is more or less divided between husband and wife.[Source:, February 7, 2014] Gamma posted on Yahoo Answers in 2009: “From what I saw in the Philippines alot of the guys in my age bracket (17-23) try to imitate what they see in American media.However they tend to go to far and end up becoming caricatures rather than truly strong men.Filipinos just love singing, not only in the shower, but also on the streets (I’ve seen it happen countless times), in the living room, alone or with friends or of course in the extended and so frequently happening Karaoke sessions.If you bring 1 Filipino to a crowd of people, he/she is likely to blend in, be friendly and nice and sweet.

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