Checkedlistbox not updating

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But when we select the item at the top the selectedindexchanged event doesnot gets fired.

(Inherited from Framework Element.)Gets a value that indicates whether the position of the mouse pointer corresponds to hit test results, which take element compositing into account.

Specifically regarding your case, I would suggest that you replace the Rad List Box with Rad Drop Down List. Best wishes, Peter the Telerik team Well, I just updated my Telerik Dev Tools and the Rad List Box is still available, still needed and still not working as advertised.

I'm using the Rad List Boxes to move items around as described in But I also need to display information about the single selected item so the user knows if this is the right item to move.

However, the On Selected Index Changed event is not firing. It seems that your question is related to Rad List Box from the UI for ASP. However, this forum concerns Telerik UI for Win Forms.

I would kindly ask you to post your question in the appropriate forum, where you can get adequate answer. Regards, Desislava Telerik Check out Telerik Analytics, the service which allows developers to discover app usage patterns, analyze user data, log exceptions, solve problems and profile application performance at run time.

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