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Fortunately I had a few semesters of Spanish in college and wasn’t a total rookie at it, but overall you will have an advantage if you learn some Spanish – but with note… There were days I had four dates set up and none of them came through. As a high-value foreigner, you really can’t “over text” them. Not a bottle service girl, but think more along the lines of the girls who promote energy drinks such as Monster and Red Bull by driving around in the trucks, working events, etc.

However, even more important is the attitude of Colombian brides.Masculine Profiles and El Conquistador can testify to this. This site is a great place to meet Colombian chicas. When going out, usually in a blazer at a minimum, with a pocket square and a nice watch. I’m very sociable in general, so it feels natural for me to talk to various people throughout the night.As when I posted about Hungarian girls, here is a quick glimpse of who I am and the style of game I run. For dates that girls came straight over I usually just wore basketball shorts and a t-shirt. My lack of Spanish made both day and night approaching difficult.Some Colombian women are looking for a better life. Most likely she will never get to experience something like coming to the States, and if I get something out of it, great. Colombian women are beautiful, sexy, intelligent, and have a contagious energy that just rubs off on you.I am currently torn on whether to let this girl visit me here in Los Angeles. The amount of happiness I seem to feel every time I’m abroad is indescribable.

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