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However, Cooper told her he'd already confessed, taking the fall for her.When Cooper was about to sentenced, he (allegedly) hung himself to Felicity's devastation.Although she clearly disbelieved his excuse for doing so, her research unearthed the fact that Reston had been an employee of his father, which propelled Oliver to reach out and offer Derek a second chance.

She was later present when her teammate and close friend Laurel Lance, known as the vigilante Black Canary, died after a confrontation with Darhk.

However Walter instead gave her a secret task off-books.

Walter explained to her that a valued of 2.6 million dollars had gone missing after one of Moira Queen's transactions.

Felicity called Walter in the middle of dinner to tell him that Doug Miller, head of Queen Consolidated's Applied Sciences division, was on the List.

She warned him that Miller may be in danger, prompting Walter to meet with him.

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