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Prereqs: AD 44800 with min grade of C AD 49100 Special Topics in Art Class: 1-3 Lab: 0 Credit: 1-3 Attributes: Variable Title Topics will vary.

Class: 1-6 Lab: 0 Credit: 1-6 Attributes: Variable Title Consent of the instructor and the head of the department required.

Students will also experiment with typographic composition, contrast, text, and value in combination with language.

AD 11300 Basic Drawing Class: 0 Lab: 6 Credit: 3 Attributes: Transfer IN An introduction to drawing and sketching as a means of communication of ideas.

Students will be presented with the opportunity to develop aesthetic and compositional skills while building a portfolio of significant images.

A 35mm camera with adjustable controls or a digital camera is required.

Guest speakers and selected readings will introduce the student to the scope of opportunities that exist for converting artistic and desigh skills into self- employment and entrepreneurship.

Class: 1 Lab: 2 Credit: 2 An undergraduate course designed to assist the student in gaining basic skills in art media and method as a beginning classroom teacher.

Emphasis on the nature of culture and culture change; relationship of culture and personality.Copyright issues and ownership of work will also be discussed.Class: 0 Lab: 6 Credit: 3 A course designed to introduce advanced design problems with emphasis on individual development and exploration of contemporary design issuess.Class: 0 Lab: 6 Credit: 3 Continuation of A&D 11300; emphasis is given to the exploration of a variety of media and the structuring of pictorial space.Prereqs: AD 11300 with min grade of C Class: 3 Lab: 0 Credit: 3 Basic business skills are surveyed and case studies of successful self-employed artisits and entrepreneurs will be studied to develop a broad understanding of this important force in the economy.

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